Empower Network is seeking a talented Copywriter who understands the tech world and the affiliate marketing industry. You must also (obviously) be a persuasive wordsmith who’s sentences string together sedative marketing messages. In this position, you’ll be writing an assortment of copy — emails, sales letters, online and offline ads, ect. This is also an opportunity to work with some of the marketing worlds most well known and highest paid copywriters just as a perk of the gig.


Key skills:

  • Know your reader: This is copywrting 101 — but you mist know your reader. What do they want most? What pushes their buttons? What makes them buy? These are questions you need to know how to ask… and answer.
  • Delivery: Know how to deliver your message. Understand when stories are crucial, and when to use facts and figures and social proof.
  • “Study skills”: Being a copywriter for Empower will require you to do your homework. This means knowing our members, what’s happening in our industry, and what the biggest pains (and solutions) are for our prospects.
  • “Word-smithing”: Writing copy is about content and delivery. What you say and how you say it. So you must know how to structure your copy correctly and effectively. What fonts converts best, and what colors. How to structure emails and sales letters so readers can flow gently through them without resistance.


Key Qualities:
  • “Weirdness” allowed: Most copywriters are a little weord, and that’s totally ok with us. If you enjoy sitting in a dark closet as you construct million dollar sales messages that’s fine with us, as long as the finished product is a profit pulling machine.
  • Grammar, duh!: Grammar is a biggie, at least for the finished product.
  • Speed: You mist be able to crank out copy like an out of control printing press. You need to be able to be flexible, too, and on a whim — switch gears and write an email or advertisement.


Who is Empower Network?

We’re a passionate team of unconventional thinkers and doers who have big ideas and the guts to try and accomplish them. We are big on culture. Our business thrives on speed and forward thinking. And we welcome anyone who thinks they’re badass enough to apply to join our team. Oh, and we cuss a lot, our dress codes prohibits suits and ties, and we don’t “think outside the box”… because we threw the box out a long time ago :-)




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