Online Traffic Genius

Empower Network is seeking a talented and experienced online traffic genius to create floods of online traffic, on demand. We’re looking for someone who has been either managing traffic campaigns personally or for a other businesses. Results are a must, and even though there’s always lot’s to learn, this position will not be a “training” position — you will need to know what you’re doing and be damn good at creating swarms of traffic from various mediums online.


Key Skills:

  • Visitor flow – The knowledge and understanding to visualize and create direct response marketing campaigns from start to finish, and understand flow and congruency
  • Know your target audience - You must be able to identify your target audience instinctively and know where they “hang out” online
  • “ABS” Always be scaling - It’s about nailing a successful campaign, and then scaling it from there. You need this mindset for this position.
  • Relationship Building- Even though most times you will be surveying the internet landscape for new traffic opportunities, and then pouncing on those opportunities, you will also be networking with media providers and making advertising purchases
  • Track everything: This is a motto this position must embrace (and already should if they are experienced). ROI is key, and tracking is next to water and air when it comes to driving traffic.


Key Qualities:

  • Organization: You (obviously) must be well organized, and able to keep yourself from getting scatterbrained amongst runnng and managing multiple campaigns across multiple mediums.
  • Communication: This includes the ability to listen and ask the right questions to the marketing team to ensure advertising dollars are being spent on the right traffic in the correct markets.
  • Large budget management: You need to be able to handle large marketing budgets, and not only be fiscally responsible, but also understand the work and upkeep of working with such numbers.
  • Knowledge and experience: This can’t be overlooked for this job, as with any. We’re  not looking for a hobbyist. You need to be a ninja, period.
  • Who is Empower Network?We’re a passionate team of unconventional thinkers and doers who have big ideas and the guts to try and accomplish them. We are big on culture. Our business thrives on speed and forward thinking. And we welcome anyone who thinks they’re badass enough to apply to join our team. Oh, and we cuss a lot, our dress codes prohibits suits and ties, and we don’t “think outside the box”… because we threw the box out a long time ago :-)




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